There is reality beyond human reality. Beyond human characteristics that we know and within that reality there is knowledge that can never be verbal.

The inner self condense all human knowledge that has been received by us through our various existences and reincarnations and has been coded and exists indelibly.


There is consciousness without form; there is consciousness with will and vitality that comes to us from beyond. The universe as we know it had been birthed.


We form realities we give birth to universes but within us now is the breath of creativity the source of All that Is of which we are part.


A thought is a creative experience. What you think you are. You ( your soul) can deal with emotions or with realities that make emotions possible.


You create your universe, you create within the systems that you know the world that you know. The rules are that within you there is knowledge and that you must lock inward not outward to find it. The rules are that the universe is created by the thoughts that exists within each our minds.


We do not always understand our multidimensional personality structures. This does not mean they do not exist. We learn to be creators and in a way we already are.

Your entity walks through your soul and whisperer instructions. It will do us good to listen.


We should realize that we are highly perceptive, that inner senses  reaches around us and about us in all directions, we are in the mist of other realities and that we are blocking them out; and we can learn to accept them and open a door that have been closed.

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