Healing and Beliefs

A prime example of the abilities of a person is the ability to be healed while it is changes the beliefs.


For example doctors expect vision to begin to fail after age of 30 and the countless patient records prove that such disintegration is a biological fact.


If a person believe he is healthy he can became healthy.


In man’s early history people lived in good health for much longer periods of time, and in certain cases lived for several centuries. No one has told them this is impossible for one thing. Their sense of wonder in the world their sense of curiosity, creativity, and the vast areas of fresh mental and physical exploration kept them alive and strong. For another thing the elders were highly necessary and respected for the information they had acquired about the world. They were needed They taught the other generations.


In those times great age was a position of honor that brought along with it new responsibility and activity. The senses did not fade in their effectiveness and it is quite possible biologically for all kinds of regeneration of that nature to occur.


In our society age has almost been considered a dishonorable state. Beliefs about the dishonor of age often cause people to make the decision to bring their end before the so called threshold is reached.


Whenever the species needs the accumulated experience of its older members that situation is almost instantly reversed and people live longer.


There comes a time when the experiences click together and form anew clearer focus provide a new psychological framework from his or here greatest capacities can emerge to from a new synthesis.


Man’s will to survive includes a sense of meaning and purpose and feeling for the quality of life.


Age alone never brought about any loss of physical agility or of mental abilities. In that light the senses do not deteriorate, or of mental ability or desire.


Meaningful work is important at any age. Meaningful work means work that also has the exuberance of play, and it has a playful quality.

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