Spacious Present, Consciousness Energy and God Creation

All worlds are created by the divine content, so while they are on one hand exterior, they are on the other hand made of divine stuff and each hypothetical point in the iniverse is in direct contact with All that it is or God in the most basic terms.


The knowledge of the whole is within all of its parts and yet All That Is  is more that its parts.


When the worlds our world and other were created there was an explosion if unimaginable proportion as the divine spark of inspiration exploded into obiectivity.


The first object was of an unendurable mass though it had no weight and it had no weight, and it exploded instantaneously beginning processes that formed the universe but no time was involved.


The processes that you may think took eons occurred in the blink of an eye and the initial objective materialization of the massive thought of All That Is burst into reality. In our terms this was a physical explosion but in terms of the consciousness involved in that breakthrough, this was a triumph of first inspirational frenzy, a breakthrough into another kind of being.


The earth then appeared as consciousness transformed itself into the many facets of nature. The atoms and molecules were alive, aware they were no longer part of a divine dream but they spoke themselves through the very nature of their being. They became living aware, with consciousness could form matter.


It was the birth of individualized consciousness as you think of it into physical context. Those consciousness were individualized before the beginning, but not manifest.


The individual consciousness did not attach itself completely to its earthly forms at the start, but rested often with the divine heritage.


It is as if earth and all of its creatures were partially dreaming and not as focused within physical reality as they are now.


All of the species began by emphasizing a great subjective orientation that was most necessary as they learned to manipulate within the new physical environment.


Time does not exist. The beginning is now. That critical explosion of divine subjectivity into objectivity is always happening and you are being given life in each moment because of that divine simultaneous nature of that divine subjectivity.


The spacious present is large enough to contain all of time segments.

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