Consciousness of Atoms Molecules and Earth

Earth is composed of atoms and molecules each with their own kind of consciousness and cumulative cooperative organization of their nature the physical structure is formed out of consciousness.


Your feelings are as natural part of the environment as trees are. They have great effect upon the weather. There are even connections that can made for instance between epilepsy and earthquakes, where the great energy and instability come together affecting the physical properties of the earth.


Your feelings have electromagnetic realities that rise outward affecting the atmosphere itself.


Beliefs direct generate focus and harness feelings. Feelings are still dependent upon your neurological structure and its impact with physical reality.


Your bodies must rid themselves of chemical excesses in the same way that land must clear itself of excess water.


There are ghost chemicals that you have not perceived so far where certain thresholds are approached in which chemicals are changed into purely electromagnetic properties, and energy released that directly affects the physical atmosphere.


As your body is in a state of constant flux and chemical interaction si is the atmosphere which reflects on another level all of the psychic chemical and electromagnetic properties that exist within the body.

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