The Brain Probable Selves Probable Events

The brain is the physical counterpart of the mind. By means of the brain the functions of the soul  and intellect are connected with the body.

Your beliefs are used as screening and directing agents separating certain non physical probable events from to others and bringing them into three dimensional actuality. You will choose form those nonphysical probable events only those you feel you are in accord with.

Because of your psychological and psychic structure there is within the rich makeup of your being endless variety of what you may call probable selves.  In one reality or another all will be experienced.

In your present existence you will utilize only those psychological characteristics that you believe you possess. The physical constitution of you body follows your beliefs and data will faithfully mirror the beliefs that direct its activity. When your ideas about yourself changes so does your experiences.

You go through alteration of your beliefs all the time so the perception of the world is different. Probable events are brought into actuality by utilizing the body’s nerve structure through certain intensities of will or conscious belief.

These beliefs attract and bring into being certain events instead of others. Therefore they determine the entry of experienced events from an endless variety of probable ones. Your world begins with that point of intersection where the soul and physical consciousness meet.

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