Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior.

Fire has one meaning if you are afraid of it and other meaning if you consider it a source of heat.

You do realize the many physical problems that are solved for you and by you in your dreams. This happens very frequently when you consciously set the problem before yourself, state it clearly and then drift to sleep.


Dreams give you all kinds of information concerning the state of your body, the world at large and the probable exterior condition that your present beliefs will bring about.

The dream state provides you with a trial framework in which you explore probable actions and decide upon the ones you want to physically materialize.


Nightmares and other dreams follow rhythms of a therapeutic nature far more effectively than any that are drug induced.


Your nature besides possessing natural general healing abilities has its own particular triggers arising from your experience.


They can be learned recognized and utilized by you.


If you remember having certain dream experiences and waking refreshed then before sleep consciously thnk about those dreams and tell yourself they will return. If any activity brings you a sense of satisfaction pursue it. Any of these natural healing methods can lead beyond feelings of well being and strengths, physical health and vitality, to those sublime experience of illumination and grace.

Enjoyment of art is also therapeutic.

Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes with bring your ideas into physical reality , so while your thoughts cause your experience you are not consciously aware of how this take place..

Your dreams and the physical events of your lives constantly alter the chemical balance within you body

A dream can provide a dreaming peacefully interlude in this all stress is minimized, with the  overactive output of certain hormones and chemicals quieted as a result.

Such dreams will be greatly effective but only for a short period of time unless the conscious mind faces the beliefs that have been causing the imbalance.


A man who makes a statue uses his conscious mind his creative abilities his physical body and the inner resources of his own being. When you form the living sculpture of your body which is far more important to you that any work of art., you should certainly follow the same course.


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