Human Potential Energy and Consciousness

All energy contains consciousness. Attend what is directly before you. You have no responsibility to save the world or find the solutions to all problems but to attend to your particular personal corner of the universe; as each person does that the world save itself.

Change the channel

Quit living unpleasant memories. The mind is very powerful. When you replay negative memories you attract similar experiences. Let those doors close. Let go of the ashes broken dreams before you receive the beauty. An exchange should take place. Refuse to look in the rear view mirror. Shake off the safe pity. It is going to take effort. What is in your future is better that is in your past. Put on a new attitude. Let it go. If a dream do dye don’t dye with it.

It is impossible to know our potentials without trying them out without testing them against the world’s edges.

We must activate our impulses and desires, try our abilities, seek out our strength by joyfully advancing into the given world of physical energy physical time and space. In the development of each individual we act and reenact the startling events that brought our won universe into existence.

The universe was not created in some dim past but is newly recreated by our own thoughts dreams and desires so that reality happens at all possible levels at once.  And we each play our part.

When we hesitate hold back falter, when we hold back energy in the hopes of saving it, when we allow fear rather than trust to guide our activities then warning  flash, one crisis after another may arise to gain our attention.


Both privately and en masse mankind utilizes the dream world as a preliminary working ground. From these fantasized realities and probable dreams events come all the physical accepted fats in your world of true or flse.


The wars are fought lost or won in the dream state first, and the physical rendition of history follows the thing line of only series of probabilities.


Currently we know little about our interior dream world, and the effects upon daily conscious life.


You use your beliefs like searchlights in the dream state looking for other events that fit in with your ideas about reality. Your convictions help you sift out probable actions appearing as dreams from others that do not concern you.


You have within yourself the condensed knowledge of your entire being. This information cannot appear in any complete fashion within a consciousness connected wit a physical brain. The multidimensional reality simply cannot be expressed.


In the dream state, glimpse of the multidimensional self can appear in dream imagery and fantasies that will symbolically express your greater existence.


If your conscious beliefs are causing you great distress, countering beneficial beliefs may be received from this source.


Each of your self is a part of a greater being a part of the energy from which is continually comes. In dreams your energy pulsates back toward the being that you are.


You travel back and forth each night through atmospheres and entry points of which you are not aware. In your sleep you do indeed travel again those vast distances between birth and death. Your consciousness transcends these leaps and holds its own sense of continuity.


All of this has to do with pulsation of energy and consciousness and in one way what you think of as your life is the light ray seen from another perspective.


To a far lesser extent it goes on all the time, for it represent the basis upon which your present consciousness rides.


Unconsciously you have within yourself a set of blueprint for the particular kind of physical reality you want to materialize.


A system of checks and balances exists, however so that in certain dreams you are made aware of these blueprints they may appear throughout your lifetime as recurring dreams of certain nature dreams of illumination. And you will awaked with your purpose suddenly clear.


If you want to clear up an argument tell yourself that you do so in the dream state. Request the answer to any problem and it will be given, but you must trust yourself and learn to interpret your own dreams. This will awaken your intuitive abilities and give you the knowledge that you need.

Consciousness of Atoms Molecules and Earth

Earth is composed of atoms and molecules each with their own kind of consciousness and cumulative cooperative organization of their nature the physical structure is formed out of consciousness.


Your feelings are as natural part of the environment as trees are. They have great effect upon the weather. There are even connections that can made for instance between epilepsy and earthquakes, where the great energy and instability come together affecting the physical properties of the earth.


Your feelings have electromagnetic realities that rise outward affecting the atmosphere itself.


Beliefs direct generate focus and harness feelings. Feelings are still dependent upon your neurological structure and its impact with physical reality.


Your bodies must rid themselves of chemical excesses in the same way that land must clear itself of excess water.


There are ghost chemicals that you have not perceived so far where certain thresholds are approached in which chemicals are changed into purely electromagnetic properties, and energy released that directly affects the physical atmosphere.


As your body is in a state of constant flux and chemical interaction si is the atmosphere which reflects on another level all of the psychic chemical and electromagnetic properties that exist within the body.

Natural Hypnosis

Whenever you have our own undivided attention you act as hypnotist and subject simultaneously.


You give yourself post hypnotic suggestions when you project your present conditions into the future. This is a natural function of the mind.


For five or ten minutes a day at the most use natural hypnosis as a method of accepting desired new beliefs. During that period concentrate your attention as vividly as possible upon one simple statement. Repeat it over and over while focusing upon it for this time. Try to feel the statement in whatever way is possible that is do not allow distractions, but if your mind insists upon running about then channel its images in line with your declarations.


The repetition verbally or mentally is important because it activated biological patterns and reflects them. You are using the present as a moment of power to insert new beliefs, and tat these will indeed be materialized.


When the exercise is finished do not dwell upon it. Put it from your mind. You have utilized natural hypnosis in concentrated form.


When you feel right about the statement then continue it. Three days at least are necessary before you see any results. Your attention should be completely relaxed. You may experience spectacular results at one but continue the exercise even this happens.


Inner channels must become repatterned. There is no need to continue the pattern over 10 minutes.

Money, Health, Visualization and Action, The Present and the Point of Power

If you are poor and want to have more money you must in your reality make some symbolist move that show you are willing to accept the change. You should give some money away and/or act as if you did have more money that you physically have. You must respond to your new beliefs so that neurologically the new message gets across.


The initiative must come from you and in the present. In a very real manner of speaking this means changing your view point, that particular perspective with which you view the past and present and imagine your future.


You must look within yourself for evidence of what you want in terms of positive experience.


A correctly utilized five minutes period of time can be of great benefit. In this period concentrate on the fact that the point of power is now.


Five minutes focus your attention toward what you want. Use visualization or verbal thought but for that period do not concentrate on any lacks only on your desire. Use all of energy and attention. Then forget about it. Do not check to see if it is working. Simply make sure that in that period your intentions are clear. Then make one physical gesture or act that is in line with your belief or desire. Behave physically then at least once a day in a way that shows that you have faith in what you are doing.


Ex if you are lonely smile at someone else. If you are poor buy an item you want that cost two cents more than the one you would usually buy. Acting on the faith even that feebly that the two cents will somehow be given to you or come into your experience, but act as if you have more than you do.


In health terms it involves conducting yourself once a day as though you were not sick in whatever way given you. But the belief in present reinforced for five minutes, plus physical actions will sometimes bring awesome results.



Such effects will occur however only if you cease looking into the past for what is wrong and stop reinforcing your negative experience.


The same principle can be used in any area of your life, and in each of your choosing from a variety of probable events.


Do not blame past lives for your current events organizing them through current beliefs. The conscious will is robbed of its power to act. Such lives exist simultaneously.


They are other expressions of you interacting but with each conscious self possessing the point of power in its own present.


You form your reality now and the present is the point of power.


There is a multidimensional point of power There are even biological connection in terms of cellular memory between you and your reincarnational selves.


These selves are different counterparts of your self in creaturehood experiencing bodily reality. And at the same time your organism itself shuts out the simultaneous nature of experience.


The reincarnation points cellular memory and the coordinate points


The coordinate points act as channels through which energy flows and as warps or invisible parts from one reality to another. They also act as transformers and provide much of the generating energy that makes creation continuous. These points impinge upon what we call time and space.


The Brain Probable Selves Probable Events

The brain is the physical counterpart of the mind. By means of the brain the functions of the soul  and intellect are connected with the body.

Your beliefs are used as screening and directing agents separating certain non physical probable events from to others and bringing them into three dimensional actuality. You will choose form those nonphysical probable events only those you feel you are in accord with.

Because of your psychological and psychic structure there is within the rich makeup of your being endless variety of what you may call probable selves.  In one reality or another all will be experienced.

In your present existence you will utilize only those psychological characteristics that you believe you possess. The physical constitution of you body follows your beliefs and data will faithfully mirror the beliefs that direct its activity. When your ideas about yourself changes so does your experiences.

You go through alteration of your beliefs all the time so the perception of the world is different. Probable events are brought into actuality by utilizing the body’s nerve structure through certain intensities of will or conscious belief.

These beliefs attract and bring into being certain events instead of others. Therefore they determine the entry of experienced events from an endless variety of probable ones. Your world begins with that point of intersection where the soul and physical consciousness meet.


No energy is ever lost. The expanding universe theory  applies to the mind as well as to the universe.

Health and illness are both evidence of the body’s attempt to maintain stability.

Old age is a highly creative part of living. The personality is just a creative state at old ages.

Your belief about age will create your experience. The mass belief will affect the civilization.

When an individual become older, the mind becomes more of itself, freer to use more of its abilities, allowed to stray from restricted areas, to assimilate, acknowledge and create.

The Conscious Mind

 The conscious mind is meant to align all your capabilities in accordance with its beliefs about the nature of reality.

You cannot will yourself to be happy while believing that you have not right to happiness or that you are unworthy of it.

Your beliefs will dictate your very interpretation of various kinds of emotions. Many people for example are convinced that anger is always negative. It can be the most therapeutic emotion under certain circumstances

Clues to your emotional experience and behavior lie in your system of belief and all are available to you consciously.

If you believe that the negative thoughts are wrong you will inhibit them and feel all the more guilty which will generate aggressiveness against yourself and further deepen your sense of unworthingness.

First be aware of the reality of your feelings. As you become more aware of your beliefs over a period of time you will see how they bring forth certain feelings automatically.

The free flow of your emotions will always lead you back to your conscious beliefs if you do not impede them.


Dreams are one of your greatest natural therapies and one of your most effective assets as connectors between the interior and exterior.

Fire has one meaning if you are afraid of it and other meaning if you consider it a source of heat.

You do realize the many physical problems that are solved for you and by you in your dreams. This happens very frequently when you consciously set the problem before yourself, state it clearly and then drift to sleep.


Dreams give you all kinds of information concerning the state of your body, the world at large and the probable exterior condition that your present beliefs will bring about.

The dream state provides you with a trial framework in which you explore probable actions and decide upon the ones you want to physically materialize.


Nightmares and other dreams follow rhythms of a therapeutic nature far more effectively than any that are drug induced.


Your nature besides possessing natural general healing abilities has its own particular triggers arising from your experience.


They can be learned recognized and utilized by you.


If you remember having certain dream experiences and waking refreshed then before sleep consciously thnk about those dreams and tell yourself they will return. If any activity brings you a sense of satisfaction pursue it. Any of these natural healing methods can lead beyond feelings of well being and strengths, physical health and vitality, to those sublime experience of illumination and grace.

Enjoyment of art is also therapeutic.

Your conscious beliefs direct the flow of unconscious processes with bring your ideas into physical reality , so while your thoughts cause your experience you are not consciously aware of how this take place..

Your dreams and the physical events of your lives constantly alter the chemical balance within you body

A dream can provide a dreaming peacefully interlude in this all stress is minimized, with the  overactive output of certain hormones and chemicals quieted as a result.

Such dreams will be greatly effective but only for a short period of time unless the conscious mind faces the beliefs that have been causing the imbalance.


A man who makes a statue uses his conscious mind his creative abilities his physical body and the inner resources of his own being. When you form the living sculpture of your body which is far more important to you that any work of art., you should certainly follow the same course.


Cells Consciousness Greater Self

As an animal moves trough a forest you move through psychic psychological and mental areas in the same way.  Through his senses the animal gets messages form distant areas that he cannot directly perceive, and of which he is largely unaware.  And so do you.


Each cell has its own memory. The self memory is of greater dimension. Think of the greater you ; call it the entity as forming a psychic structure quite as real as your physical one, but composed of many selves. As each cell of your body has its position within your corporal space and boundaries so each self within the entity is aware of its own time and dimension of activit

The body is a temporal structure. The cells however while a part of this body are not aware of the entire dimensions in which your consciousness dwells.


Your present consciousness physically rests upon cellular awareness.


So the entity or greater psychic structure of which you are a part is aware of much larger dimensions of activity than you are, yet in the same way its more sophisticated consciousness rests upon your own, and one is necessary to the other..


Think of the  self as one message leaping across the nerve cells of a multidimensional structure and consider it as a greater moment of reflection on the part of such a many sided personality.


You are more that a message passing through the vast reaches of a super self. You are not lost in the universe.


The feeling of grace is your emotional recognition of the necessity purpose and freedom the innate appreciation of your rightness and your place in existence.


Your conscious ideas expectations and beliefs direct the health and activity of the cells  The cells do not have free will in your terms. They have the innate capacity to form other organizations but not while affiliated with you. To leave you they must change their form. They also help maintain your health.


In terms of consciousness the entity ore greater you knows as much more than you know as you know more than your cells.


You do however have free will for while the entity’s psychic structure can be compared to the body it is a part of and inhabits far greater dimensions.  In your daily experience is connected with your self or entity as it si with the cells of your physical form.


Your idea of reality and its experience is much different than that of any cell yet each is interconnected.